Fanglun solutions suitable for all kinds of industrial usage, check the following aplication list and find the most suitable type of speed reducer for your equipment.
1. Air blowers
Air blower (axial or radia), Fan of cooling tower, Induced draught fan, Rotary piston type fan, Turbo-fan
2. Construction machinery
Concrete mixer, Hoist, Road building machinery, Boring mill
3. Chemical machinery
Mixer (liquid, half liquid), Centrifuge (heavy, light), Cooling rolling drum, Dry rolling drum
4. Compressor
Piston type compressor, Turbo-compressor
5. Transmission freighter
Pan conveyer, Balance lifter, Trough conveyer, Ribbon conveyer, Drum-type flour conveyer, Chain conveyer, ring type conveyer, lifter, hoist, crank-connection conveyer, Chain reed-type conveyer, Crab freighter
6. Hoist
Bracket swing gear assembly, Hoist gear assembly, Derrick gear assembly, steering gear assembly, Moving gear assembly
7. Land dredger
Drum-type conveyer, Drum-type rotation wheel, Dredger head, Powered crab, Pump, Pump turning gear assembly, Moving gear assembly
8. Foodstuff processing machinery
Placer or box filler, Cane crusher, Cane cutter, Paste bucket, packager, Beet slicer, Beet washing machine
9. Motor and conversion equipments
Frequency converter, welding motor
10. Metal roller machine
Steel cutter, Chain conveyer, Cold mill, Continuous casting equipments, Cropper, Cross steering transmitter, Deruster, Heavy and medium steel mill