F helical geared motor

Model: F, FA, FF, FAF
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F series parallel shaft gearmotor / parallel shaft gearbox are helical gear reducer, small bulk, light weight, big transmission torque, low cost, high efficiency, low temperature rise, strong load force, all kinds of structure form. can fit different kinds of mounting conditions.
II. Characteristics                                                                                                                                   
 1. Complex modularization design
This kind of machine can be equipped with various kinds of motor and other power machine conveniently. 
Each model can be adapted to many kinds of power. 
2. Transmission ratio
Fine division, wide scope. The combined machine type may form very large transmission ratio, i.e. output very low rotary speed.
3. Form of installation
The position to be installed is not limited. 
3. High strength, compact
The box body is made of high strength cast iron. Gear and gear shaft adapt the gas 
carbonization, quenching and fine grinding process, therefore the bearing capacity of unit volu me is high.
4. Long working life
Under the condition of correct type chosen (including choosing suitable operation parameters) normal operation and maintenance, the life of main parts of speed reducer (except wearing parts) should not be less than 20000 hours. 
The wearing parts include lubricating oil, oil seal and bearing.
5. Low noise
Because main parts of speed reducer are processed, assembled and tested critically,
 therefore the noise of speed reducer is low.
Helical gear motor material characteristics:
1. Housing material: HT250 high-strength cast iron; Housing hardness: HBS190-240.   
2. Gear material: 20CrMnTi alloy steel; Surface hardness of gears: HRC58-62; Gear core hardness: HRC33-40.                                         
3. Input/ Output shaft material: 42CrMo alloy steel; Input/ Output shaft hardness: HRC25-30.                          
4. Heat treatment: tempering, cementiting, quenching, etc.                                        
5. Machining precision of gears: accurate grinding, 6-5 Grade.     
6. Noise (MAX):60~68dB.
7. Temp. Rise (MAX):40° C.            
8. .Efficiency:94%~96% (depends on the transmission stage).
9. Temp. Rise (Oil) (MAX):50C.
10. Backlash:≤20Arcmin.   
III.Working Environment                                                                                                                  
1. Working temperature:-40°C~50°C(The lubrication should be heated until above 0°C if the machine works below 0°C).
2. The altitude of working place should be lower than 1,000 meters.
3. The input rotate speed should not exceed 1,800rpm.The circumferential speed of the gear should not exceed 20m/s.
4. Suitable for normal-reverse rotation.
5. Without industry limitation.
6. Please consult our technical supporting department for other circumstances.
IV. Implication                                                                                                                                          
Fseries helical geared motor is widely used in coal equipment, ferrous metallurgy, mining machinery, paper machinery, rubber and plastics, petrochemical, lifting transportation, drink beer, food packaging, pharmacy and leather, textile dyeing and printing, environmental protection equipment, light industry machinery and so on.

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