Worm gearboxes
Worm gearboxes are usually for large gear reductions usage. It is common fact that worm gears have ratio 20:1, even up to 300:1 or much greater. Most worm reducers have an interesting feature which no other reducer device has: worm shaft could turn the worm gear easily, but the worm gear couldn’t make the worm shaft move. The reason is that the angle on the worm shaft is so shallow that when the gear tries to spin it, the friction between the gear and the worm holds the worm in place. This advantage is very useful for conveyor machine, in which the locking feature can be as a brake for the conveyor when the motor is not turning.

NMRV worm gearboxes

NMRV worm gearboxes are developed by Fanglun Corp. to work in corrosive and wet environments for industrial use. NMRV worm gearboxes are made of good quality m
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VF worm gearboxes

VF worm gearbox is developed by Fanglun Corp. by combining advanced technology and cheap price effectiveness for industrial use. The VF speed reducer is designed wi
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WP worm gearbox

WP worm gearbox is developed by Fanglun Corp. to work for industrial use. WP speed reducer is widely applied in coal equipment, mining machinery, paper machinery, d
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SWL worm screw jack

Screw jack, a basis jack-up part, is developed by Fanglun Corp. to accomplanish the fuctions such as lifting, dropping, pushing and inverting. Screw jack is used in
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