SWL worm screw jack

Model: SWL
Categories: Worm gearboxes
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fanglun
Screw jack, a basis jack-up part, is developed by Fanglun Corp. to accomplanish the fuctions such as lifting, dropping, pushing and inverting. Screw jack is used in many fields, such as Solar plate, metallurgy, Aircraft maintenance platform, water conservancy, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture and hygienist.

Marks of Screw jack


Features of Screw jack:

Self-locking ability
Can be driven directly by motor or other power or manual
Can be customized according user's demand
Compact configuration, small size, lightweight
Convenient installation, flexible operation
High reliability and stability
Long service life
More connection form 
It is possible to specialize the SWL worm reducer according to customer requirements.

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