Industry planetary gearbox

Model: P
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fanglun
P series gear units is modular design variable combination, with cast iron housing. Industrial planetary gearbox has several input modes, coaxial input, helical gear input, and bevel-helical gear input. There are also several output modes, internal involution spline, hollow shaft with shrink disk, external involute spline, solid shaft with flat key.

P series industry planetary gearboxes

Torque Range: Up to 2600000Nm
Ratio:25 to 4000
Gear Unit Version:In-line,Right-angle
Configuration:Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot mounted, shaft mounted
Output shaft: solid with key, splined, hollow shaft with shrink disc, splined hollow
Optional Accessory:Foot,Torque arm.
It is possible to specialize the P series industry planetary gearboxes according to customer requirements.
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Fanglun-P Planetary Gearbox



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