Trade policy
Trade policy – Fanglun Co., Ltd
Quotations of speed reducers are sent to the customers in written form by email.
Usually the quotation is valid in one Month.
Also the supplier reserves the right to make any modification for the products details, under the condition that we believe to be very important.
The customer can get worm gearboxes sample by contact with our people by email
For standard sample, the deliver time is three working days.
For special sample of worm gearboxes, please confirm the deliver time with our people.
The order is done under the sales contract with order details, including model, quantity, price, technical details. All of the information must be confirmed by both parties by email or fax.
The payment can be done by T/T, L/C, western union.
Products can be made under the logo which the buyer supplies. The buyer must have the legal right to own the logo.
Usually the seller pack the gearbox by carton + plywood case, whose cost is included in the goods already. There is no extra packing cost needed.
The complaints by the buyer on the quantity of the goods must informed to the seller in written form in seven days after getting goods.
The complaints by the buyer on the quality of the gearboxes can be informed to the seller in written form within one year after receiving the goods.