B helical bevel gearbox

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B Series High Power Gear Units is a brand-new model of rigid tooth flank gear reducers with wide application areas, which has the feature of large torque range, a design of unit structure modulization capable of horizontal mounting and vertical mounting, three kinds of output shafts — solid shaft, hollow shaft and hollow shaft with shrink disk. With carbureted high -strength good-quality alloy, the series has the feature of high-efficiency and long life-span, high permissible axial and radial loads, low noise, high reliability and compact structure and so on.
B Series High Power Gear Units

Torque Range:Up to 470000N.m
Output speed:1.7~1200rpm
Input power:2.2~5366kw
Mounting solution: foot mounted,shaft mounted,shrink disk mounted.
Input:shaft with key-way,IEC flange;
Output:hollow shaft with key-way,hollow shaft with shrink disk;
Shaft arrangment: A,B,C,D (detailed please see catalogue)
B Series High Power Gear Units Characteristics:
1.Housing material:HT250 high-strength cast iron ;                  
2.Housing hardness:HBS190-240;
3.Gear material:20CrMnTi alloy steel,other materials requested:17CrNi2Mo,20CrNi4A                                
4.Surface hardness of gears:HRC58-62;                                 
5.Gear core hardness:HRC33-40;                                       
6.Input / Output shaft material:42CrMo alloy steel;                  
7.Input / Output shaft hardness:HRC25-30;                         
8.Heat treatment:tempering,cementiting,quenching.etc.;
9.Machining precision of gears:accurate grinding, 6-5 Grade;   
10.Noise (MAX):60~68dB;
11.Lubricating oil:GB L-CKC220-460, Shell Omala220-460;       
12.Temp. rise (MAX):40°C ;
13..Efficiency:94%~96% (depends on the transmission stage) ;
14.Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX):50°C;                                          


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