Applications teaching hard lessons

Over the past 3 years, our failure analysis engineers investigated two accidents augers where the user was injured. In each case, a designer selects a speed reducer helical gear of a catalog and incorporated in a lifting device for raising and lower the people. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. In both cases, the designer was under the impression that the load (the person's platform) could not auto-background. Both were based on gear without automatic stop screw to hold the load in a desired position and sincerely believed that no brake was needed to complete the worm in such a critical application.

Experiment of friction angle

To understand the difference between the theory and the application of conventional worm, it can first perform an experiment. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Place a room in a book that is lying on a table. After slightly lower late in the quarter, it is stationary. Slowly lift one end of the book until the room starts to slide down. Its value depends on the amount of friction between the fourth and the book. The angle between the book and the table, which simply prevents slippage, is called the static friction angle.

A threaded fastener works the same way. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd produce servo planetary gearbox, servo speed reducer. The helix angle of its threads is small enough to prevent rotation under static load. But the addition of vibration and the attachment release. The helix angle and the friction coefficient are the key to determine the friction angle which elements "Things stay put."

Now with the book took place in the friction angle, press lightly on the book and realize that slips down the rooms. Vibration (tapping) changes the static friction to dynamic, which has a lower value, thereby allowing the shift from slipping. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd produce servo speed reducer and planetary gearbox.