Gear reducer ‘s usuage in industry

A gear speed reducers is a mechanical process for energy transfer from one device to another and is used to increase the torque, while the speed is reduced. Torque is the force generated by bending or twisting of a solid material. This term is often used interchangeably with the transmission.
Connecting at the top of the drive shaft, the transmission is often used to create a right angle change of direction, as seen in a rotary mower or helicopter. Each unit is made for a specific purpose, and used the gear ratio, is designed to provide the necessary level of force. This ratio is fixed and cannot be changed once the box was built. The only change after the fact is a setting that increases the shaft speed, enabling a corresponding reduction in torque.
In a situation where a plurality of speeds is required, a multi-speed transmission can be used to increase the torque while slowing down the outlet velocity. This design is often found in the vehicle transmission. The same principle can be used to provide an overdrive, which increases the output rotational speed, while the torque is reduced.

A wind turbine is an example of a high transmission. The turbine is moved with high torque at low speed. The gearbox translates this power in the torque smaller, but faster speed of the power generator. Due to the size and the amount of energy they can generate wind speeds, and have a plurality of stages. This feature is necessary to ensure that the electric generator can provide a constant power is available than the rotational speed of the turbine varies.
In a car, there are three types of transfer: is automatic, manual or continuously variable. A vehicle with manual transmission provides the best example of a simple transmission. In both automatic and infinitely variable transmission are closed systems, requiring very little human interaction.
The manual is in two different systems: sliding grate and constant mesh. The sliding mesh system uses straight cut spur gears. The gears rotate freely and require a manipulation of the driver to synchronize the transition from one speed to another. The driver is responsible for the coordination of engine revolutions with the speed necessary road. If the transition between gears is not the normal course, they collide a grinding noise louder than to provide the gear teeth collide.
The constant intake is diagonal or double helical cut gear sets that mesh together constantly. Friction cones or synchronized rings were the aisles added to a smooth transition if the transition to create. This type of gear speed reducers is usually found in racing cars and agricultural machinery.