How to choose gearboxes and servo systems

A control system coupled to a planetary gear is to deliver precise movement, but this requires that all components are carefully coordinated. Although it is possible to buy the drive, motor and gear from different manufacturers, it is not recommended because it will ensure a lot of research and comparison requires that all the components work together. The purchase of components from a single vendor – especially one that has components carefully matched and are being questioned behind the specific combination of parts, offers several advantages.

The manufacturer has done everything the research and verified compatibility. Most providers apply a more favorable guarantee on purchases. Moreover, they can provide the approved fastening material to connect the components.
Some providers offer online tools for the selection of servo systems and compatible gear which facilitates the specification effort. These provide selection tools to the conception and specific recommendations for closely matched components, which can be purchased as a system. In these cases, the engineers, some systems, specify that they are compatible in all critical areas, and that the components are supplied with the necessary sockets and installation wrench.
In fact, some selection tools allow designers their demands torque and speed typing, and then automatically filter the list of available games box speeds motor. Engineers can pair data in metric or enter values, or the designer can choose the size of the individual actuator. Designer give speed data select as discrete values ​​or a ratio. Finally, the engineer can choose a preferred online physical alignment of right angle gear or both.
The available system list contains information about prices. Often a critical factor in the selection Engine / speed combination moves the designer on a site with complete specifications for the selected power, transmission and combination after the election.
One drawback: Even if a switch can facilitate the specification process, engineers and designers should always check whether the system meets their needs and is correctly applied.