How Worm Gears Works

Even some gear trains are not reversible, all the worm gears are. However, although the worm in both directions and move can turn the appropriate gear, the wheel rotates turn the screw not always. This irreversibility or a self-locking, to the helical gears is unique, but not always desirable.

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Instead of electrically released for the irreversibility of the design, the most reducing lock with brake when the engine starts. The best location for such a brake is from the drive shaft of the engine or the input shaft of the transmission. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Irreversibility is derived from high, inefficient ratios and from worms equipped with large diameters or lead angles of 5 ° or less. Drawings reduction gear usually for maximum efficiency are aimed at the irreversibility means is avoided. It is also important that the worm wheels to be regarded as self-locking when subjected to light load, when the load can slip increases. The same problem can occur if a constant load begins to oscillate. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd
Manufacturers typically provide significant performance tables when selecting a gear pack. These values ​​of the list, as mechanical assessments, thermal ratings, and the radial load capacity, and depend on the type of request. Mechanical speed ratings reflect the capacity is increased while thermal notes give a measure of the maximum allowable operating temperature of the unit. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd Thermal feedback can be left in the occasional or intermittent operation the gearbox to cool down between races aside.

Another consideration is the point of the feedstock as it exceeds the normal operating load. If the initial peak load of less than 300% of normal operating load and a start time of 2 seconds or less, choose a transition to the catalog rating with a factor 1.0 service. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd When the starting material of more than 300% is the score, you divide the maximum load of three will select a gear. When the starting material is exactly 300% of the star catalog and exceeds two seconds select a higher gear.

Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd Radial load capacity provides the maximum radial load that can support transmission shafts. No radial load is for vertical shafts, which means that the radial load is no problem as an agitator mounted vertically in applications. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd
To demonstrate the process of selection of a worm gear, consider a typical application where a horizontal reducer worm a duty lifting caused average drum. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd In this case, a pinion in 5 with a. Pitch diameter is mounted on the output shaft. The pinion drives before a chain that provides a 3: 1 reduction between the transmission shaft and the drum shaft. The drum has an 8-in. Radius and rotates at 10 revolutions per minute while applying a load of 1700 pounds Raise The service is intermittent with moderate shock loads. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd The drum rotates at five or six times a day, for no more than 1 minute for a period of 1 h. The requirement is to determine the required power of the motor that rotates at 575 revolutions per minute. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd