More Ingenious Design of Worm Gear

Worm gears are the workhorses of modern manufacturing, by which the engine torque are increased and used as a speed reducer in industrial countless applications. Their Achilles heel – inefficiency – is also its strength, like a worm gear also designs without slip that can accommodate heavy loads. This question and translation efficiency of the gearbox, take a number of European designer-bevel gearing, considerably reduces the sliding effect what high reflecting efficiency and waste less energy. Nevertheless the inherent friction worm causes the efficiency of only 45% to 85%, based on the speed ratio and the dependent application. However, these models often do not work with standard C-face motors.

As another option, Grove Gear, Union Grove, Wisconsin, USA, built the transmission Ironman E Series – a design that blends with the footprint of a conventional worm gear for high efficiency and torque the additional bevel gear assemblies. This additional torque is especially useful in applications, overload capability, such as conveyor belts that require frequent starts, stops and reverses. In addition, the E series is proud of owing a 90% efficiency standard in every respect. To illustrate: A gear without typical screw with a 2.4-in. Wheelbase 1000 to 1200 in-lbs of torque, while the E series offers 2,600 in-lb in the same size package. The materials are also developed for the power density: The E-series "bevel gears modified steel provides greater torque capacity and better wear resistance than the screw bronze gear conventional endless.

Type: Grove Gear Ironman E Series Gear

Main features: Replaces up to 6-in. wheelbase; four models with dual reports of 7.8: 1 to 60: 1; Triple possible reduction units by adding a money multiplier; Power 8.5 HP

Benefits to customers: to facilitate greater efficiency and more torque than conventional endless screw gear in the engine footprint downsizing of the same size and reduced energy costs.

In addition: A piece of cast iron housing with each design publishing coverage; extra large reservoir of lubricant filled with premium, high temperature synthetic PAG lubricant food grade; Viton double lip seals with sealing surfaces on micromachined input and output shafts; O-rings on all bearing caps to eliminate gaskets, sealants and waterproofing; all regulations and angle wide range of accessories bases and mounting flanges.