Servo Application in Worm Gear Handles

Servo application often imposes strict requirements on the components of the transmission, which excludes the use of many speeders gear. However, advanced designs of worm reducer are changing that image. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
Traditional worm gearboxes usually cannot meet the needs of servo applications like low backlash, high speed and resistance to shock loads. But, engineers have recently updated the design of the worm gear drive high precision, are in competition with other methods of reducing the speed of the servo unit. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
The requirements of servo system

Most applications require more than a one-direction, continuous motion which is just typical of simple applications. For this reason, the operating cycles are generally difficult to define, with only the values ​​of known peak acceleration. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.  In addition, the actuators can generate high torque peak – often several times the torque capacity of other system components. Changes in torque and direction are frequent, causing shock loading which reduces the gearbox life – which can lead to failure.
The inertia of the gearbox is also important in obtaining a good set of inertia between the motor and the driven load factor. To minimize the torque (and power) required accelerating the gear unit, its inertia should be kept to a minimum. Gear backlash maintained at a minimum (less than 5 minutes of arc for precision systems) to ensure accurate positioning and avoid system instability. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
Also, the gear must have a wide range of speed reduction ratios to allow minimizing the torque of the actuator to provide greater flexibility in choosing the size of the actuator. Finally, the gear has to manage input speeds over 3000 rpm, which often generate actuators. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Traditional Worm Gears
There are also disadvantages such as the characteristics of sliding friction and high wear gear worm. This explains the low efficiency of starting and running and high operating temperatures. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Backlash is generally more than 30 minutes of arc, mainly because of the gear mesh and bearing clearances, and may increase with wear and tear. Some manufacturers offer low backlash, but still significant wear develops due to high sliding friction.

Standard (non-servo gear screw design) offers a simple solution for many drive applications, allowing the ratios of 5: 1 to 100: 1 in the same size box. Leverage often consists of a single game and worm. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Because there is only one engagement, stiffness and torsion speed is almost linear, which makes it easier to match the performance by reducing the application requirements.