Situation of precision gearbox with servo drive systems

A servo and transmission system can provide precise control of movement, but must be taken in the design, selection and implementation.

High precision helical planetary gears are an excellent choice for applications that require precision and reliability. Planetary gear have very low critical game (usually from one to nine minutes of arc up), and when the size provide correct a life of over 20,000 hours with virtually no maintenance. With many industrial gearboxes available today, it is important to match the right type of training equipment, motor and load. If a machine with a servo system (and engine) requires the type of gear is essential for accurate and repeatable motion. Planetary gear fit the bill for servo applications.
Precision gears are carefully machined to high tolerances – think watchmaker, not Smith. Precision planetary gearbox offer power densities corresponding to the small size of the package and an efficiency of 90% or more. Helical planetary gear also offer a very quiet and efficient operation compared to its competitors.