The Difference of all Kinds of Gearboxes

Gearboxes apply a plurality of power transmission, including, but not limited to, planetary gears, worm gears, spur gears, helical, and the gearbox mounted on the shaft. In servo applications, planetary gears are often better suited.

A worm or screw gear is used on worm gears to rotate a larger passage section. They can offer high reduction ratios in small packages, but are not as effective in about 70%. Worm gears are not reversible either and therefore can not be pushed back so they will not be used to increase speed.
Gears using teeth straight cut on parallel shafts for power transmission. They are in a wide range of reports available and are inexpensive, but you can wear strong and vulnerable.
Spur gear also use gears on parallel shafts, but the teeth are helical shapes cut gradually increasing the contact between gears teeth allow.
Spur gears and helical gears generally have more freedom as a planetary gear, and there is an undesirable thrust along the acts of the gear axis. Helical cut gear teeth are quieter and are used in other types of transmissions due.
Shaft mounted reducers are popular for the transmission spur gear parallel shaft. They are well suited for conveyors and other material handling applications, and are easy to assemble. However, they suffer from the same drawbacks as their constituents.
planetary gears are named for their resemblance to a simple solar system. They consist of a ring, a plurality of planet gears and a sun gear. The ring is specified in the rule and often forms part of the outer casing of the gearbox and the drive shaft drives the sun.
The rotation of the sun gear drives the planetary gears to rotate about their own axes and revolve around the sun. A carrier of the output planetary gear shafts used. This arrangement creates a compact, balanced design, which is concentric with the shaft. If more steps are required, it is relatively simple to connect the output of a planetary gear set with the sun a second step.
High efficiency, low backlash and high power density make planetary gear the best of these alternatives in high precision servo applications.