The usage of gear reduction drive

The speed reducer gear is a mechanism by which the energy performance of a high-speed motor or engine is diverted to a different mechanical component running at a lower speed and higher torque. Gearboxes are devices that can take various forms. They are simply called a transmission or transmissions and gears. The mechanical gearbox also allows safety by reducing the speed of the rotating machine. In its simplest form, the reduction ratio is held in fixed relationship which is connected to a characteristic of the components of transmission input and output.
A gear reducer completes energy conversion by changing the rotation ratio of two moving parts. In a watch, different sizes of gears directly in fixed ratios to change contact each other, the speed of displacement between the central rotary shaft and the different hands of the clock. In a bicycle, a push lever of a chain between the sprockets of different sizes. In a winch or a capstan, a switch belt between pulleys to control different diameters, the speed at which the load is lifted, as it gains ground. The ratios are calculated from the ratios of the number of teeth in each gear, the diameter of the gear wheels or diameter pulleys.

The car is a typical example of the speed reduction. Internal combustion engines must operate at high speeds in order to maintain a smooth power generation. When the vehicle is stopped, slowed down or at low speeds, the engine speed when applied directly on the wheels, leads the wheels or the car to turn, to gain speed or even cause a loss of steering control. Using a gear reduction, energy can be used to overcome the inertia of the vehicle stopped, reduce the dynamics of a vehicle or deceleration to be heavier loads, but pulled to a lower speed.
In a continuously variable transmission (IVT) is a continuously variable gear with a planetary gear system is associated. This system, which is also known as a planetary gear system comprising a central wheel, which is called the sun, which meshes with two or more gears to rotate around it, called planets. The planetary gears in turn engaging the teeth to the inside of a large gear called the Ring.

You may get a more advanced gear reducer when allowing one or two of the mechanical dimensions to vary without actually changing the gears. Instead of a pulley cylinder, when a conical shape is used, the tape may move up or down the cone. The diameter changes and therefore the transmission ratio continuously when moving. This type of transmission control system is called a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Smaller vehicles, less expensive such as go-karts or vehicles require only a small range of speeds, such as agricultural tractors, can benefit from the simplicity of taking a CVT.
Either the sun or the ring is held fixed. The input shaft and output may be any of the three positions. A pencil sharpener is a beveled planetary gear. In heavy construction planetary gear systems are used to provide the high torque which is necessary to move these machines.