Update Design of Worm Gear

To design a gear worm that is suitable for the operation of the servo requires overcoming the above obstacles. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.

First of all, backlash.
Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. This new profile of the tooth also makes it easier to minimize the game by setting the distance from the central control center. This is accomplished with two outlet covers bearings in which the bearing seats are a bit eccentric. A distance of reduced center decreases the tooth-to-tooth clearance between worm and gear, reducing the gap between them. The rotation of these blankets before bolting to the housing causes the gear axis worm to move up or down, which makes the minute adjustments to the distance of the center gear. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. The housing has six rotation settings, which adjusts the level of play less than 3 arc min. game levels reduced even lower (less than 1.5 arc min) can be obtained by increasing the number of rotation parameters.

Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. The biggest concern in most servo applications is high game because it affects the accuracy of positioning. This increases the flexural strength and at the same time as the highest drive ratio, allows higher torques tip. In order to minimize play, the engineers redesigned both the worm and the profiles of gear teeth, to obtain a higher tooth with an angle of lower pressure (15 °) and higher contact rate (greater than 2.0), which reduces tooth-tooth clearances between the gears. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.  In addition, a larger fillet at the base of the tooth reduces stress concentration.
Another advantage of this design: Users can reset game to the original factory specification in the field simply re-adjusting the bearing covers. This ability to adjust play in the field prolongs the useful life of the gearbox and is particularly useful for applications that require the maintenance of accurate positioning on the life of the servo system. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
Some additional game occurs because the axial play in the bearings supporting the input shaft worm. These bearings are mounted back to back for a zero backlash and eliminate axial movement of the worm in relation to the worm gear screw. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.  Angular contact bearings can accommodate operating speeds over 3000 rpm, which are typical of servo applications. To remove this game, the conventional tapered roller bearings are replaced by a pair of precision angular contact ball bearings.

Secondly, wear.

To reduce the wear rate, engineers have taken several steps. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Materials used in conventional brass screw worm centrifuge with bronze, which has a better consistency of the material, increasing the pitting resistance of the teeth and bending were replaced. Worm gears and worm screw also ground to a precision matched set, eliminating inconsistencies tooth profiles, and increase the level of process quality AGMA 9 (typical) AGMA 11. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. This further reduces the game and noise. This relationship is formed when the number of teeth of the gear divided by the number of teeth on the worm is not an integer (e.g. 19 ÷ 4 = 4.75: 1). This action reduces the number of common points of wear and wear distributes all tooth surfaces more evenly. To avoid areas of concentrated wear on the gear teeth, a report of "hunting tooth" is used. There is a self-indexing action in which all teeth endless (threads) is engageable with all the successive gear teeth. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Lubrication is very important in servo applications due to their high performance requirements. This oil has a high viscosity (ISO VG 220), a wide range of operating temperatures (up to 300 F), and a long life. These features help the drive for optimal thermal efficiency and high wear resistance. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. To ensure reliable lubrication for the gears, bearings and gearbox trees – high-performance synthetic oil is used.

Finally, other pluses.

Engineers added a clamp on the housing for receiving the series of engine flanges available. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. This creates a tight fit with the coupling and minimizes corrosion between the two sides because of the frequency of the steering torque and times of the servomotor applications. Connecting the motor shaft to the input of the gearbox is carried out by compression of the zero coupling reaction, which compresses two corner sleeves against the shaft. To allow for misalignment, the input shaft has a spline involute. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
To manage multiple configurations of output, the output shaft is replaced by a hollow shaft. This allows to precisely connecting the driven load on the worm gear with a keyway type coupling or compression. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. To improve the gear head of the thermal dissipation, engineers use an aluminum case (instead of the usual casting), the convection fins. The accessories can be mounted through the hollow shaft, such as pinion shafts for rack drives, shafts and direct output for use with pulleys, gears or links. Aluminum also reduces weight makes the gear screw suitable for gantry control servo applications where the system inertia should be minimized. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.