Working Principle of Worm Reducer

Gear worm comes for a variety of applications in four levels of accuracy. The high torque (HT) version has 150% torque of the reducer Servo-Worm capacity standard and with less than 1 arc minute the game. The output shaft has been redesigned for greater capacity and an optional flange according to ISO 9409.

Typical applications for reductions are rotational axes drives, major travel portals and columns and handling hard axes. Typical applications include automation, aerospace, machine tools and robotics. A wide range of fittings to the engine and the mounting flanges are mounting for most actuators. A hollow-bore output can be used to mount output shafts, pinion shafts, or other drive elements.

A housing and simplified assembly reduces costs. The basic version has 90% the torque capacity of the standard Servo Worm Reducer, with a set of <12 arc minutes.

The version of Economy has the same torque capacity than the standard Reducer Servo-Worm with clearance <6 arc minutes.