Worm-Gear Accuracy Highly Improved by Computerized Assembly

A new computer-assembly method for transmission worm increases accuracy and eliminates the need for highly skilled technicians. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.

If worm gearboxes are assembled, varying the correct orientation of the worm and gear, and the pattern of contact resulting teeth of the most critical assembly. Emerson Power Transmission engineers developed and patented a new computerized mechanism to align quickly and accurately worm and speed. It is also difficult to control. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
A typical screw motor unit includes the screw shaft straddle-mounted input between the bearings and the worm driven gear and the shaft supported by bearings tapered rollers. To produce these assemblies with patterns of contact counter acceptable gear, assemblers need the screw in the axis of the screw position precision, and set at the same time play starting roll tight tolerances, typically in the range 0.002 to 0.003. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Then the shim pack thickness and location are, to the right combination of contact pattern set and bearing clearance is satisfied. This can be time consuming, because the transmission must be repeated assembled and disassembled, and the final quality depends on the skill of the technician. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. This usually requires Trialand-error process which is neither cost effective nor accurate. First, assemble technicians to the worm are bluing, then the transmission with washers or behind the bearing shells or the shackles.

It is commonly accepted that a poor contact pattern can self-correct as the bronze gear wears-in over time, but the reality is that some of the useful life of the worm gear assembly is lost in the process. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Moreover, high contact tensions resulting from an initial contact zone can cause premature smaller score screw thread, which further accelerates gear wear while shortening life. The high concentration obtained bronze serves to exacerbate the problem.

Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. Gear manufacturers have tried to short-circuit this process by placing the median of theoretical screw with respect to the support shoulder and then using statistical averages dimensions to cope cup stack height / cone and the housing carrying the locations seating. With this technique, the same wedge-pack is always used behind the rear bearing cup, so that the assembler must adjust the outboard package supplements for good axial play. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. This approach eliminates the need for blue, but still requires the removal of the outboard bearing retainer and the contact pattern of the resulting teeth is average at best.
Emerson Gear EPT Div. solve these various problems by developing assembly of a computerized device centered accurately measures each assembly component and automatically calculates the wedge front and back-pack needs and accurate. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
First, the measures stack height of computer output set. Then master worm gear contacts bronze and computer oscillates horizontally to find the exact center line. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. A computer screen data shows the number and thickness of the wedges that are placed behind the tops of front and rear bearing. The center of the worm and gives the desired bearing axial plays. The computer measures the retention system and the gearbox output leading to determine the location of the front seats and the rear bearing with respect to the face of the housing. Hangzhou Fanglun Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.

The result is a substantial saving in time, a model perfectly teeth contact and precise set of parameters axial centering. The automated process eliminates the need bluing, dial indicators, various assemblies and disassembling and assemblers.