worm gear speed reducers’ definition

Worm gear speed reducers are a kind of gearing reducer device. The aim of worm gearbox is to transmit the power by 90 degrees, often make some change in torque and reduction in dimension. Due to  the whole assembly in a compact phase, these operate in places at which the gear system needs to be either very small or low-profile. Unlike many other gear reducer systems, worm gear speed reducers often work in only one direction.
These gears are typically applied in elevator systerm and escalator motors, as well as small electric motors and large industrial machinery.
The term worm gear speed reducers can be confusing. It is used to describe the entire assembly or either of the gears. Depending on where a person lives, the term worm drive or worm wheel may be much more common.
Usually a worm gear device includes two shafts and two gears. One shaft feeds into a screw, called worm screw. This screw is connected to a common spur gear. When used in this configuration. the spur gear’s name is the worm gear.